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用于自动装载刀具和零件,装载量为20支和35支。它是完整的数控轴结合液压加紧系统可以混合装载,筒夹KM 22 Ø/KM 32 Ø。极高的操作安全性源自于数控系统对CNC轴的控制。该装载系统是一个非常有效和经济的解决方案。多样的装载盘可用于自动生产中,小直径的刀具。



  • 全数控轴驱动的特殊传动带,保证运行过程最高的安全性
  • 122工位刀具装载可以任意组合
  • 刀具直径从1-20mm
  • 夹套或铝制夹套可以非常快速的更换
  • 使用夹套需要配液压刀柄
  • 直接装载棒料需要使用高精度刀柄系统
  • 选项:装载系统LS122用夹套




  • 全自动上下料,最多500支
  • 友好的装载机软件确保设置简便
  • 工件不同的柄部和刃部直径一样能加工
  • 装载机上料时可选配自动长度定位功能,可帮助客户节省探测时间
  • 装载系统是3轴伺服




  • 全自动上下料最多3500支.共有7块上料盘和1块下料盘.
  • 友好的装载机软件确保设置简便
  • 工件不同的柄部和刃部直径一样能加工
  • 装载机上料时可选配自动长度定位功能,可帮助客户节省探测时间



  • Cross-table consists of linear guides and roller bearing for precision and long life
  • 1,5 kW-motor with variable speed and HSK50 or individual holder. Adapter for all CNC grinding machines possible
  • High precision spindle with HSK 50 holder
  • The machine is equipped with a dust extraction
  • High-performance swivel table with double precision swivelling guidance
  • Dressing wheel with variable speed. Oscillation in position, stroke and speed adjustable
  • Video camera with magnified 15 times and 15“ monitor permits measuring and checking of radius 0,025 mm – 3,0 mm
  • Optical system for simply measuring and adjusting of the diameter, distance and the position of the wheels during or after dressing
  • Monitor scale for different applications
  • The zoom of the camera permits magnification of 15 to 120 times. The adjustment effected with the help of a well-known radius and can be locked afterwards to prevent inadvertent changes

自动磨削油过滤系统 OC-20

Fully Automatic Oil Cooling Filter System
Economical prepare of grinding oils

The oil temperature is cooled automatically. The filter materials (filter cartridge) doesn't need to be replaced withing years. The fluid can be maintained very clean for a long time without needing maintenance to assure machine's life and tools' quality.
The oil is cleaned by a two-stage filter process to a particle size of 2 - 3 µm.


  • Economical prepare of grinding oils
  • Particle size 2 - 3 µm
  • Clean oil reservoir: 600 liters
  • Dirty oil reservoir: 200 liters
  • Temperature regulation (optional)
  • With automatic back-flusing of the filter candles
  • Magnetic separator (optional)
  • Extremely good price-/achievement relationship
  • Further system pumps (option)

测量 KWP300

The KWP 300 measuring unit is a practice orientated measuring instrument. Ideal for re-sharpening shops and tool-/cutter-manufacturers. The basement of granite stone and the high class components are a perfect combination for accurate measuring results.

  • The KWP 300 is a measuring unit for measuring parameters as length, angle, diameter, radius, concentricity, chamfer width and clearance of tools and step tools.
  • Measuring of Front and Side of the tools
  • Grinding wheel package can be measured in corner radius and angle.
  • Standard optical zoom with 10X, optionally 25X and 50X possible.
  • Glass scales from Mitutoyo with 0.001 resolution.
  • Horizontal = X-axis = 150 mm, vertical = Y-axis = 80 mm measurement range.
  • A further advantage is the user-friendly usage.