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Company History

1984 - 1993, development of Universal Spiral Grinding Units ( by company founder Hubert Haller ) as attachment for conventional tool and cutter grinders. Using these special indexing units enabled retrofitting and modernizing of manual tool and cutter grinders and so backlash free re-sharpening of helically fluted tools.
It was a revolutionary matter in the tool and cutter grinding field at the time. About 1.200 of these units were sold worldwide in the before mentioned time period, also to many renowned companies. The ongoing developments resulted in the production of two and three axes machines.

From 1994 onwards started development and design of the first HAWEMAT 5-Axis Tool and Cutter Grinder (HAWEMAT 2000). This unique machine represented an extraordinary innovation for complete machining of cutting tools in the world market. Worldwide patents and patent applications as well as different awards underline all the advantages of such a new machine conception. The unique of this machine is the kinematic concept - the arrangement of the five axes: X- and Z-axes are designed as a so-called cross axes configuration. The B-axis (swivel range of 210°) is a rotary table double supported on the vibration resistant mineral compound machine base. The Y-axis for spindle infeed is assembled on the B-axis frame and the C-axis (work head stock) can rotate 360°. Cutting tools can be ground in narrowest area by using this axes configuration. Thanks to the possible very short axes travelling dead times can be reduced by the user increasing the productivity.

In March 2000 the HAWEMAT 3000 was introduced. This machine was based on the HAWEMAT 2000. A maximum amount of stiffness and rigidity was achieved by the double supporting of the grinding column (Y- and B-axis). So this machine is absolutely qualified for production of high precision tools. HAWEMA developed for these CNC machine tools automatic tool handling systems, integrated as a so-called Pick-up Loader in the machine hood.

In the year 2002 the HAWEMAT 2001 five axes tool and cutter grinder was introduced into the market. This machine was based on the model HAWEMAT 2000 taking over the “double support” of the grinding column from the model 3000. The HAWEMAT 2001 is a five axes CNC machine for cost effective re-sharpening of cutting tools and production of hight precision new ones. A fully accessible (from all sides) machine cabinet is based on a massive and rigid mineral compound machine bed offering the possibility of attaching automatic tool handling systems. A further innovative step in this year was the creation of a strong collaboration with NUM as the supplier for the machine control and grinding software. NUM is offering worldwide dominating software for tool and cutter grinding and together with the new digital Axium Power control plus MBLE axes amplifiers the appropriate power drive technology for our machine tools. So we get the complete electric, electronic and software from one supplier for our machines.

2005, the HAWEMAT 2000/5 ECO five axes CNC tool and cutter grinder was presented as the latest development in Hannover at the EMO 2005. This concept was created in order to offer an “uniqueness” for the re-sharpening market in price and power. The HAWEMAT 2000/5 ECO is not a cheap “low cost product”, rather an up to standard machine tool enabling also the production of small and smallest tools. All mechanical components, inclusive the “double support” of the grinding column, are according to the technical HAWEMAT 2001 standard.

2007-2013 Development and production of the HAWEMAT PräzisaGranit, the world-wide first CNC Tool Grinding Machine built on granite. The ideal machining centre for precision grinding of the growing spectrum of micro, medical tools and components. New- and further developments of internal and external tool loading systems.

Technical Arguments pro HAWEMA machines

Machine / Design

  • Worldwide patented unique kinematic design.       
  • Double supported vertical axis plus grinding wheel very near to the swivelling point of the B-axis plus cross table principle allows design of very compact machines.
  • On all types of machines the same kinematic
  • machine bases on all types are made of mineral compound, several tonnes heavy, so providing rigid and stiff machine - vibration dampening and constant temperature
  • Grinding spindle direct driven
  • Automatic wheel arbour clamping possible, also manual mode on the H2001 and H3000
  • Excellent access from all sides at the H2001, H2001, PräzisaGranite; machine door can be moved around completely
  • Also excellent access for servicing the machine
  • The real unique kinematic principle makes all the Hawema machines very fast
  • All items as e.g. tool, pick-up loader, loader gripper, tool, probe, wheel probe are very near to each other, so reducing „dead times“ as setting and retracting travels.
  • Life time greased ballscrews and guide shoes.
  • Optionally direct driven A-axis up to 1.000 rpm available.
  • Most different variety of loaders: internal pick-up loaders in variants for re-sharpening or production, external band or palette loaders, dependent what the customer requires.
  • Easy modification from e.g. hydraulic expandable chuck to e.g. collet chuck or to any other clamping as e.g. three jaw chuck or whatsoever. Here Hawema offers the best system on the market. The customer is not forced always to use the same and once puchased clamping equipment.
  • Very fair price/power ratio regarding service and spares.
  • Easy servicing of the machine possible due to the kinematic design.
  • Fast service possible (NUM, HAWEMA).

Software / Control / Drives / Electronic cabinet

  • NUM provides today world‘s best tool and cutter grinding software, supplying it to many tool and cutter grinding machine manufacturers.
  • Only use of a few software packages allows to grind nearly all tools available.
  • E.g. package „exetended“ allows grinding of nearly all types of cylindrical and conical endmills,reamers drill, all the before tools also as step tools, counter sinks, side and face cutters, staggered teeth, taps, many different drill points. The standard included option „manual grinding path“ allows also easy programming of special grinding cycles without being forced to use the G-code programming. But also G-code programming is included, can be used and easily combined with existing „PC“ software.
  • Best support of programming (each single parameter to be supported by limits, sketches and or photos). Most comprehensive text support explaining the parameters, providing references and crossreferences.
  • Hawema being a type of A-customer, not only purchasing software, drives and control, but also the complete electronic cabinet, so allowing all software, electric and electronic items are „tuned“ to each other and allowing service from one hand.
  • Air conditioned electronic cabinet for machines H2001/PräzisaGranite and H3000.
  • Daily data securing procedures possible.
  • Online service via modem.
  • Electronic cabinet can be positioned in the customer‘s shop floor according to the space (beside or behind machine, in a rectangular or any other angle).


  • Everything from one hand as machines, oil filtration units, tool measuring equipment, wheel dressing machines  and other accessories.
  • Regarding coolant (oil) filtration paper band filter units and microfiltration units filtrating out carbide particles down to two to three µm. Different sizes for one or several machines are possible. Magnetic separator for filtrating out  the HSS optionally available, so is chiller for oil cooling.
  • Carbide sludge to be damped in a separate cotton sack (carbide supplier will purchase the sludge back).
  • Excellent and high quality units as there are oil mist extractrors, fire extinguishers, clamping equipment.
  • HSK wheel arbours guarantee highest accuracy (it is said run out to be smaller than 3 µm).


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