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The Hawemat 3000 Granit CNC is the first full mineral compound base concept with integrated cabin in the field of grinding technology.

This provides the fundamental basis for a broad range of applications, particularly in the manufacture of high-precision tools and other special components. The double bearing of the grinding column (Y- and B-axis) has made it possible to achieve a maximum of rigidity. This guarantees a very high degree of precision throughout the entire rotational movement of the Y-axis in conjunction with the grinding spindle.

Special model, Hawemat 3000 in Granite design, compact mineral cast body with inserted granite plate and granite elements Y-axis. This causes highest rigidity and lowest thermal expansion of the whole system.

patented worldwide

  • Short travel paths
  • Optimal cycle times
  • Compact design
  • Modular construction
  • High rigidity
  • Highest precision
  • Excellent grinding possibilities

Technical Data

Complete machining max. tool length300 mm
Complete machining max. diameter

150 mm

Measurement systemtool measurement3D measurement probe Marposs

grinding wheels or grinding
wheel package
3D measurement probe Marposs

High-precision spindle drive14,5 kW/S6 oil cooled0 - 10,000 rpm
  • for optimal performance direct drive with pneumatic/ automatic wheel-clamping system HSK 50-A
Grinding wheels
Max. diameter125 mm
Grinding wheels per clamping arbour1 - 4 wheels
Cooling via cooling valveprogram-controlled3 valves
Grinding wheel clamphigh-precisionHSK 50 system
3-package wheel changerHSK 50for wheel max. 125 mm Ø
  • 6-package wheel changer HSK 50 for wheel max. 125 mm Ø
Workpiece holder C-axis
Standardspindle taperSK 50
Clamping systemmechanical/manual
Optionalclamping systempneumatic/automatic
Indexing head ISO 50

direct drive

torque motor 1,000 rpm
B-axis (swivel axis)backlash-free harmonic drive system

direct drive

torque motor with brake

Control unit
CNC controlNUM-Flexium+
TFT-colour monitor


User software
NUMROTOplus®: milling cutters, drills, special tools, 3D simulation, 3d collision monitoring

Coolant plant


Optional: Pick-Up-Loader ILS 3535 tools or parts
  • External  loading systems PLS 3 and PLS8 for automatically loading tools or components
  • Fully-fledged CNC axis with AC servo motor combined witz automatic clamping system
Oil mist exhaust unit

Ø 150 mm

Axis travel
LongitudinalX-axis350 mm - optional: 420 mm
LateralZ-axis230 mm
VerticalY-axis350 mm
ResolutionX-Y-Z-axis0.0001 mm
SpeedX-Y-Z-axis15 m/min
Rotational movementC-axis360°
SpeedC-axis1000 rpm
Swivel axisB-axis195°
Axis drive

high output AC servo motors (NUM servo motors)

Machine dimensions
Height | width | depth2,200 | 3,000 | 2,000 mm
Weight5,000 kg
Air supply6-8 bar
Power supply3x400 V - 50 Hz/64 A
Power rating27 kW
Control voltage24 V

RAL 7035 light grey

Control unit NUM-Flexium+

  • Digital CNC control unit for highest requirements, NUM-Flexium+ with digitally controlled axis drives
  • Direct drive with highest measurement resolution (possible with torque motor)
  • 19 inch TFT colour display with function keys
  • Electrical cabinet with optimal arrangement and accessibility for easy servicing
  • Swivelling service panel connected via fibre optics for simple operation
  • An office PC can easily be integrated in the electrical cabinet to promote rapid replacement, even after years of service, including updates to the state-of-the-art without high investment costs

User PC

  • Continuous adaptation to latest PC technology
  • System software: latest Windows generation
  • Network connection possible
  • Optional remote maintenance software, Backup-Software

The world wide leading user software

Milling cutter software package

  • Cylindrical and conical end mills with straight front
  • Corner chamfer
  • Full radius end mills and corner radius for cylindrical and conical tools

Drill software package

  • Up to 14 different drill points
  • Step drill with up to 10 steps
  • Form step drills / cylindrical grinding

Cylindrical- | conical- | arc- | ball-end- | DXF-form with flat end, ball | corner radius

Profile tools
Design your own profile of all types. All profiles on shank type tools or form plates. Free programming.

Special software on request.

Customer support
Software support through tele-service via PC Anywhere and modem. You can request extensive informative material on the complete NUMROTOplus user software (CD + borchures).

Product Video