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25 years high-end technology in tool grinding
It has never been so easy to manufacture and resharpen high-quality tools.

If you...

  • machine a wide range of tools
  • are looking for the most economic and functional solution
  • want the maximum performance thanks to professional user oriented support

... then talk to us!

Be innovative and stay ahead of the competition to guarantee futures success in tool grinding.


Modern Programming
EnvironmentNUMROTOplus® uses leading edge technology to exploit all the capabilities of modern PCs and operating systems.

NUMROTOplus® is completely compatible with Windows XP and Windows 7. It can be easily networked and also used with your in-house software.

The operating interface (see illustration aside) conforms to the Windows standard so that users don't have to reorient themselves after working with other Windows programs.


NUMROTO Tool Gallery
The NUMROTOplus® software package is able to manufacture and resharpen a variety of different tools. To meet different customer requirements, NUMROTOplus® has a modular structure.

You can find the gallery on the producer's website.