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NUM control & software

NUM control & software


Successful trendsetter in high-precision tool grinding for years

NUMROTO is a comprehensive CNC software package for the production and regrinding of a wide range of tools.

The team behind NUMROTO is made up of specialists with interdisciplinary knowledge in all areas of tool grinding on CNC-controlled machines. Further developments result from close cooperation with users and machine builders.

NUMROTO complete solution

In addition to the NUMROTOplus®software – the programming system – a complete NUMROTO solution includes many other functions to produce or regrind a tool as efficiently as possible. The system can be expanded with functions such as 3D simulation, extensive and precise probing cycles for tool and wheel, wheel dressing (also in-process), job control, creation of outline drawings, adaptive grinding and more. The complete solution includes the software, CNC, servo amplifiers, motors and optionally the complete control cabinet. Training specifically tailored to the needs, Industry 4.0 capabilities and remote diagnostics round off the offer.

Tool selection


Platform - NUMROTOplus®

The NUMROTOplus® user interface is created using the latest technologies and takes full advantage of the capabilities of today’s PCs and operating systems.

NUMROTOplus®is fully compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11. It can be easily integrated into a network and thus also used together with other, in-house programs.

The operation has been developed for use in tool grinding and is clearly structured. Even the most complex shapes can be easily programmed and executed, which is also reflected in the many languages of the user interface. NUMROTOplus®works with and for the user.

User interface NUMROTOplus®


High functional scope and ease of use due to 2D and (optional) 3D workpiece simulation with collision monitoring.


The 2D simulation is an integral part of NUMROTOplus®and included in every NUMROTOplus® package. With the 2D simulation, all grinding operations can be simulated on the PC. The tool can be cut in any position so that the resulting cross-section can be assessed and measured. Even the smallest details of only a few micrometres can be analysed.

The tool finally grinded on the machine corresponds exactly to the simulated tool.


3D simulation and 3D collision monitoring

The integration of the 3D workpiece simulation with animation of the grinding process and the collision monitoring with 3D machine simulation into the NUMROTO CNC software creates a consistent overall solution with a high level of functionality and ease of use.

In addition to 2D simulation, NUMROTOplus®can also be extended with the integrated NUMROTO 3D software. This software, like the 2D simulation, enables a true-to-scale simulation of the complete tool.

Even the best software and the most experienced expert in grinding cannot always prevent a collision during grinding. A non engaging wheel, the spindle mandrel or mounted attachments (tailstock, support) can be the cause of a collision. To prevent this, NUMROTO together with NUMROTO-3D has an integrated, fully automatic collision check if desired.



NUMROTO Draw for uniform and realistic product documentation with extensive export functions.

NUMROTO Draw allows uniform and realistic product documentation for both existing and new tools. This is largely generated automatically, which saves time and costs.

With NUMROTO Draw, the elevation of the tool as well as the drawing header are generated automatically. Consequently, the creation of drawings is already worthwhile for small series and regrinding. The functionality has been greatly expanded in the meantime, so that today this software can also be used for very complex tools with several sectional views.

NUMROTO Draw creates this product documentation from the same data that is used to grind the corresponding tool.

NUMROTO Draw uses the entire infrastructure of NUMROTO and can therefore also take over any detailed views from the 3D simulation. All formatting information will be stored in the NUMROTO database with the corresponding tool data set and thus also backed up as part of the NUMROTO backup concept.

NUMROTO Draw can also be operated by “no professionel grinding personal -“. Due to the strict separation from the grinding process, the manually added inputs in NUMROTO Draw have no repercussions on the grinding programme and therefore also not on the grinding result.

The standard dimensioning is generated automatically. If desired otherwise, the users can adapt the dimensioning according to their own preferences. Supplementary information such as units of measurement and tolerances as well as colour and font attributes can be assigned to each dimension. Headings and additional dimensions are freely selectable.

The user also has a lot of freedom when it comes to the layout of the drawing. The document header, including the company logo, is customisable. All fields are freely editable and the tool description can be taken directly from the NUMROTO database. In addition, a separate chart can be arranged with characteristics of the depicted tool.

The format of the output can be selected from A4 to a large format, depending on the types of printers connected to the PC. User-defined page sizes can also be configured.

For further processing in ERP or CAD systems, export formats such as XPS, PDF and, in future, probably also DXF are available.

NUMROTO Draw is largely self-learning. Even beginners can be “let loose” on the software without hesitation. An efficient introduction can easily be realised in half a day.


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