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Worldwide unique granite construction for highest demands

granite construction

The technical advantages are as follows:

For more than 10 years, HAWEMA has been intensively involved with the use of granite in its 5-axis CNC tool grinding machines.Granite, a volcanic rock, which has sustainably, ahead of time, completely changed the future of mechanical engineering technology at HAWEMA through new innovative ideas. The natural and unlimited resources in our nature, in this case volcanic rock, are an exceptional building material with an extremely long service life for the fundamental manufacture of products built from granite, due to the lowest energy consumption, and can also be easily recycled.

GRANITE is an absolutely unique natural material and the use of it in HAWEMA machines is an extraordinary innovation. Through the use in the tool grinding technology sector, extremely innovative components are created and this gives the whole HAWEMAT machines a sustainable character for generations.

In total, almost 80% of the complete HAWEMAT machine, consisting of the machine gantry including all machine components of the 5 axes, are made of granite.

In combination with the NUM Flexium control and the NUM Rotoplus grinding software, there is a unique symbiosis in order to be able to produce and regrind the highest and most reliable quality tools in a reliable process in conjunction with internal or external loading systems.

Aside from standard tools, the measuring machine accuracy of the granite frame gantry and the individual granite elements in the axes takes full effect, especially in the case of micro tools.

Furthermore, tools from the medical technology sector such as bone cutters/drills, bone screws, dental and special products in a wide variety of geometric shapes can be produced with the highest quality and precision on HAWEMAT machines.